Apple Stock Predictions 2025

What Are the Apple Stock Predictions 2025?

Here are Apple stock predictions 2025 with Apple products being on its top game for the past decade, Apple stocks are soaring too. But does that mean it’ll continue to rise in the coming years.

Take a good look at the prediction and understand where to invest your money. Moreover, I will also help you understand whether Apple stocks are the right ones to invest in the current year.

So, let’s not waste our time in small talks and find out the real deal about Apple stocks. Come On!

Before You Learn About Apple Predictions 2025, Learn A Little About The Company 

It was April 1st 1976, but Steve “Woz” Wozniak, Steve Jobs and Ronald Wayne were up to practical jokes. In fact, it was the day when these three geniuses gave Apple, life and Midas touch.

With Wozniak’s hand-made Apple 1, they launched them in the market, and since then, there’s never been a blue day. However, Apple didn’t start selling stocks till 1980.

It sold its first stock on December 12th 1980. And its Initial Public Offering was $22 per share. But since then, Apple’s stock has split five times. And in recent times, their stock split on August 28th on a 4 for 1 basis.

So, where does that put Apple now? Well, according to the latest market research and our analysts, Apple stock prices are set to rise in the coming years.

Moreover, according to a gross Apple stock predictions 2025, their per-stock price is set to reach $370.

So, what’s it going to be? Find out more in the in-depth analysis of Apple’s stock prediction till 2025.

Apple Stock Predictions 2025

Apple stocks have grown substantially over the years. Please take a quick look before we go to the prediction.

  • January 1st 2013, Apple Stocks opened at $19.78 and closed at $16.27
  • On January 1st 2015, Apple Stocks opened at $27.85 and closed at $29.29
  • January 1st 2017, Apple Stocks opened at $28.95 and closed at $30.34
  • On January 1st 2019, Apple Stocks opened at $41.74 and closed at $43.29
  • In June 2020, Apple reached its $100 mark
  • On January 1st 2022, Apple stock opened at $177.83 and closed at $126.78.

Now, let’s get into the real deal:

Apple Stock Predictions 2023

According to market analysts, Apple has become investors’ first choice while investing.

You must know that Apple’s stock opened at $130.28 on January 3rd. But the forecasters predicted Apple’s price to be $227 in the first 6 months of 2023. So, here’s a staggering discrepancy between the predictions and the real numbers.

However, investors can expect the share to rise to $252 by 2023’s end as it’s growing rapidly. According to Yahoo Finance, on June 7th, AAPL stock opened at $178.44, rose to $181.21, and closed at 177.82.

Apple Stock Predictions 2024

Market predictions tell us that 2024 will be as smooth as this year or better. Moreover, forecasters predict that Apple Inc stocks will reach a new height and will be highly beneficial for investors.

Apple’s stock will reach $263 by the middle of 2024. And by the end of 2025, Apple’s stock will reach $271, rising slightly from mid-2024 prices.

So, it’s dependent on you whether you want to sell your stocks by 2024 or wait until it rises further.

Apple Stock Predictions 2025

Apple is one of the most established companies. Hence, the company won’t face any major difficulties in the coming years.

Keeping up with its reputation, we can predict that Apple’s stock price will reach $281 by the middle of 2025. However, by the end of 2025, the stock will reach a height price of $313.

So, we can expect Apple’s stocks will continue soaring till 2025’s end and more.

P.s.  With that said, it’s important to know that markets are always volatile and unpredictable. Hence, invest only after being fully aware of the stock market and learning when to buy and sell stocks.


Apple is one of the safest companies to invest in. It’s been one of the leading market giants for decades and won’t let your money go to waste. According to our analysts’ predictions, buying an AAPL stock now is safe and selling it between 2024 and 2025 for a higher value.

There’s no time limit to buy an AAPL or any stock, for that matter. If you wish to invest your earnings in stock right now, invest it. However, remember to hold your stock for at least a year before you think of selling it. That said, you can also hold your stocks for a longer or shorter time and sell them whenever you want.

Apple stocks are never overpriced. Yes, its value has grown rapidly over the years. But it’s worth every penny. If you buy Apple stock now, you can sell it for double or more in the future. Hence, there’s no point in believing that Apple stocks are overpriced.