Is Coinbase Pro legit

Is Coinbase Pro Legit? Know Other Related Things

If you are looking for the answer to ‘Is Coinbase Pro legit?’, then its answer is yes. It’s because the Coinbase Pro landing page is active. So, when you reach this page, it will redirect you to Advanced Trade, which has replaced Coinbase Pro.

Now, you must be wondering what Advanced Trade has to do with Coinbase Pro. Apart from that, many other questions must be popping up in your mind if you are a Coinbase Pro user. These questions must be:

  1. What is Coinbase Advanced Trade?
  2. How Coinbase and Advanced Trade work with each other?
  3. What are Coinbase Advanced Trade fees?
  4. How can you make an account on Coinbase Advanced Trade?

To know their answers, read this blog. However, the first thing you should know here is that Coinbase Pro has been closed and replaced by Advanced Trade. Let’s know other things related to this.


Is Coinbase Pro Still Active?

The famous cryptocurrency trading platform ‘Coinbase Pro’ has closed for standard users. When it was shut down, Coinbase added some aspects of it that include its lower, volume-based trading fees, into a feature called ‘Advanced Trade.’

The landing page of Coinbase Pro is still active. However, when you try to sign up, it will redirect you to Advanced Trade.

There are some users who can still access aspects of the regular service. The Coinbase company says that it’s a process to help users to adapt to unique situations. For example, those using Coinbase Pro APIs (resources allowing approved external software to interact with Coinbase) may not have switched yet. However, for virtually every user, Coinbase Pro has now become Advanced Trade.


What is Coinbase Advanced Trade?

Coinbase Advanced Trade is an advanced trading platform of Coinbase for a professional crypto investor and trader. This advanced platform will allow a crypto holder to use various chat analysis tools and get up to 6% staking rewards of various digital assets. Besides that, the user can use extra security features without paying extra fees.


How do Coinbase and Advanced Trade Work Together?

Coinbase runs both Advanced Trade and Coinbase. So, when these two are combined, you can sign up for free similar to its predecessors. There is a subscription service, Coinbase One, which provides no-fee trades and other benefits for a monthly fee of nearly $30.

The features of Advanced Trade are added to the main service for the betterment of an interface to win the hearts of beginners. Though those features remain, you will now be able to use the basic service for a mode providing lower fees for some extra data tools and transactions.

If you choose an exchange for the first time, remember that Coinbase has many impressive competitors. On the other hand, if you have chosen Coinbase, let’s know what implications Advanced Trade can lay upon you.


Coinbase Advanced Trade Fees:

As an Advanced Trade user, you need to pay up to 0.6% per trade according to a maker-taker model. This mode also offers discounts to a high-volume trader. It is similar to the one provided on Coinbase Pro.

A Coinbase client who uses neither Pro or Advanced Trade gives fees that are subject to change due to some factors. These factors are the way and amount they are paying, marketing conditions that include liquidity and volatility.

Coinbase will let you know about the fees before your transaction finalization.


How to Transfer from Coinbase Pro to Advanced Trade?

If you need to transfer your funds from your Coinbase Pro account to Advanced Trade, take the steps:

  • Log in to your Coinbase Pro account and tap on ‘Portfolios.’
  • After that, hit ‘Withdraw.’
  • Then, pick ‘All Portfolios’ to move all crypto assets to
  • After that, choose ‘Transfer to Coinbase.’


To start with Advanced Trade, tap on the ‘Trade’ tab and select ‘Advanced Trade’ in the Coinbase app. Aside from that, you can visit on the website.


How to Make an Account on Coinbase Advanced Trade?

To make an account on Coinbase Advanced Trade, complete the Coinbase registration process. When you register a new account by going through, you can use Coinbase to manage your crypto investment. The alternative way to do it is to download the Coinbase app on your phone.

To set up a new account on Coinbase, take the steps:

  1. Tap on ‘Get started.’
  2. After that, enter your full name, email address, password, and state.
  3. Then, tap on ‘Create account’ on the website or ‘SIGN UP’ on your mobile.
  4. After that, get your email address verified by following the link sent to your email from Coinbase.
  5. Thereafter, add the mobile number for verification and tap on ‘Send code’ on the website or ‘Continue’ on the mobile.
  6. After that, type in the 7-digit code you got through text and tap on ‘Submit’ or ‘Continue’.
  7. Thereafter, give your personal information for the Coinbase identity verification process and answer the questions regarding your fund source and employment situation.
  8. Then, upload a government-issued photo ID document for your identity verification.
  9. Set up two-factor authentication to prevent unauthorized access to your account.
  10. Lastly, link a payment method for the completion of account setup.


When you have finished the Coinbase registration process, you can open an Advanced Trade account by tapping on ‘Advanced Trade’ on the ‘Trade’ menu within the Coinbase app on your mobile. Alternatively, you can visit



Yes, Is Coinbase Pro legit are reliable, but it has been replaced by Coinbase Advanced Trade. So, the Coinbase Pro landing page is still active, but when you try to sign up, it will redirect you to Advanced Trade.



Yes, Coinbase Pro has shut down Coinbase Pro. As a matter of fact, Coinbase announced, in June 2022, it would shut down Coinbase Pro, and replace it with Coinbase Advanced Trade so that it can offer various advanced crypto investment solutions on a single platform.

Coinbase Pro has been replaced by Coinbase Advanced Trade, which works along with Coinbase. So, you can trust it because Coinbase is a reliable name in the world of cryptocurrency.

Yes, Coinbase has shut down Coinbase Pro and replaced it with Coinbase Advanced Trade.

If it’s about security, both Coinbase and Coinbase pro have the same security features. That’s why they both (Coinbase Pro vs Coinbase) are equal if you see both of them considering safety.

According to Coinbase report (20th November 2023), Coinbase has completed the transfer of all Coinbase Pro balances to Coinbase Advanced.