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Meta Stock Price: Everything You Need To Know About Meta Platforms

If you are looking for Meta Stock Price, you’ve visited the right page. Meta’s stock price has slightly declined in the bearish environment this year.

However, since 2016 the stock has fallen 24% after a mass sell-off in late October. Thus, the inventory is changing to $92.77 as of November 2022. Previously, Meta Platforms are known as Facebook.

Moreover, the platform has reproduced many negative headwinds that affect the business’s financial performance. This includes increased competition from other media, including Snapchat & TikTok.

In the meantime, macroeconomic conditions in the US have been damaged by a high inflation rate of 8.2%. What should this social media stock look for? Here, we examine the latest Meta Platforms stock news, price action, and fundamentals.

Meta platform stock inspect

In September 2021, Meta Platform started decreasing when the infection blow lifted the business’s performance. The management comments about the company’s future growth in November and February 2022.

This type of decline occurred first time in many years with shares falling more than 26%. Replacing the previous ticker ‘FB’ the platform announced changing its symbol to ‘META,’ in May 2022. Since the company’s initial public offering in 2012 this symbol has been used.

“The new ticker symbol aligns with the company’s rebranding from Facebook to Meta,” according to the company. The company’s second-quarter financial results were discouraging with revenue of $452m.

By the company, the guidance reflects as the “continuation of the weak advertising demand environment”. In the second quarter, the losses hit $2.8bn in its Virtual Reality.

Fundamental Analysis of Meta Platforms

Meta Platforms reported its financial results covering the fiscal year’s third quarter on October 26, 2022. The company reported total revenues of $27.9bn during the three months ended March 31.

Mark Zuckerberg, founder, and CEO of Meta Platforms, said, “Our community continues to grow. I’m pleased with the strong engagement driven by progress on our discovery engine and products like Reels.”

Thus, the fundamentals are there for a return to more substantial revenue growth. The main focus is prioritization and the ability to help people to operate the current environment.”

Analyst sentiment: META stock price prediction

As of November 2, 2022, the harmony recommendation from analysts explored by Market Bea was bullish. Of 50 financial services, 18 hold, three sell, and 29 gave it a buy.

Analysts have set META stock price at an average of $170.93/per share. The highest was $375, and the lowest was $80 of the 12-month Meta Platforms share price.

Since April 2020, most analysts have lowered their price targets for the firm. The excellent opinion came from Citigroup from ‘neutral’ to ‘buy’, on April 20.

As soon as the American bank issued the report, this upgrade came only days that are Decrypting the Future. According to Citi, by 2030 the total addressable market for the metaverse could be $8trn-$13trn.

Thus, its increase to 65% of the global population by many users. Ronald Josey, the Citibank analyst, said that last month ad loads on Reels reached 14%, up from 8% in July to 10% in August.

“META’s earnings are forecast to grow slower than the US Internet Content & Information industry, Wall Street Zen stated. The ROA prediction is 21.4%, lower than the US Internet Content & Information industry of 27.04%.

Stock analyst’s ratings and price targets of META: 

Date Brokerage Action Rating Price Target Upside/Downside  
7/13/2022 Cowen Lower target Outperform $300-$275 +70.50%
6/29/2022 JP Morgan Chase & Co Lower target Neutral $275-$225 +40.03%
7/19/2022 Atlantic Securities Set target $215 +21.21%
7/05/2022 Barclays Lower target Overweight $370-$280 +74.97%
7/14/2022 Citigroup Lower target Buy $300-$270 +65.15%

Meta Platforms stock forecast: Targets for 2022-2025

As of November, algorithm-based foretelling services gave a mixed optimistic long-term Meta Platforms stock prediction. Wallet Investor expected the META future stock price was $103.70 by the end of 2022. Hence, by the end of 2023 the stock could reach $101.39.

The Meta platforms stock prediction was $96.54 by the end of the year for 2025. Ten were held, 23 rated META a buy, and three approved a sell, of 36 analysts polled. These predictions have been based on algorithms.

Thus, there is no surety that the META stock price will reach those levels. Remember that sometimes the META stock prediction can be wrong. Before trading, conduct your analysis, and never trade money you cannot afford.


That’s it! The blog is all about Meta Stock Price, and by going through the above information, you can analyze the fundamentals of META platforms. Also, the chart is shown above to inspect stock ratings and price targets. Besides, if you still face any issues related to the META platform, write in the comment box below.


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