Stock Market Game

Is There a Game for Stock Market? – Find the Answer

What would you think if you had $100,000 with you? You may not spend it in a single go, but you can invest the amount and grow it. If you want to understand how investing works, playing games related to it is a great way. Now you might ask, Stock Market Game?

Yes, The Stock Market Game, currently being enhanced by the SIFMA Foundation, is a challenging game that helps participants develop positive money habits. It gives users various challenges so they can make wise investment decisions as per company-specific and market-wide news that influence returns.

The game has beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels, wherein you can choose from stocks, bonds, and funds.

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What Is The Stock Market Game?

The Stock Market Game, or SMG, gives students of all ages an educational yet fun experience. Students as young as in grade four can start playing the game. In it, teams of one to five students use virtual cash amounting to $100,000 to invest in stocks, mutual funds, and bonds.

This takes place in a real-world investment simulation. Competitions are held on state and regional levels with rewards for the student with the highest value portfolio. The game also has an optional essay competition, Invest Write.

Here’s how to get started with the game.

Key Points to Know About the Stock Market Game

This game equips students with life skills like better math, economics, and financial capabilities. Here are some key points to know about this game.

  • The Stock Market Game offers the necessary resources, such as lesson plans, activities, and consistent support. This makes getting started simple and effective.
  • You will get stepwise instructions in the resources. It will have a guide for program implementation to ensure complete student engagement.
  • There are lessons, projects, and correlations that teachers can create. These map to standards and the needs of the subject matter.
  • Participants get access to their distinct online portfolios. They then study and implement their investment ideas in a real-world market setting.
  • Students playing the game work in teams, which enhances their collaboration and communication skills. It also makes them enhance their leadership and skills of negotiation.
  • Students strive to make a great performing portfolio of different kinds of investments. They do this in a life trading environment.
  • The easy-to-read portfolio has interactive graphing tools. This, along with charting tools, lets students track and improve their performance.
  • There is also The Stock Market Game app. So, learning does not need to get over in the classroom.

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Understanding How to Play The Stock Market Game

Now you know the answer to your query is there a game for stock market. Here is everything to need to know to understand the game and play it well.

Get the relevant information.

  • Head to and tap the ‘Register’ button.
  • Now you will get an advisor ID and password through which you can view and access the Teacher Resource Center.
  • On the pop-up page, go down and choose ‘Just Getting Started? Now you can access everything in the teacher’s guide.

Divide students into teams

  • Group your students into teams with three members.
  • Every team will make its online team portfolio.
  • It’s best to let students document everything that they do, from selecting stocks to researching journals, etc.

Register your teams for the year-long fall or spring games

  • If you registered earlier for a promotional game, register again for the real game.
  • Go to and complete the online registration form.
  • If you only want your students to participate, choose ‘Teach students/others.’
  • But if you want to participate in the teacher simulation, choose the ‘Others and participate by myself’ button too.
  • Now you will get an email with a password and advisor ID.
  • The next day you will get another message with the team IDs and passwords.
  • Spring and fall game costs $15 per team, and the year-long game costs $30 per team.

Choose your lessons

  • On The Stock Market Game’s website, access the Teacher Support Center.
  • You can use the search engine to find lessons by grade level and topic.
  • At this time, explain to students concepts like what a company is, stock, mutual funds, bonds, and risk.


Inspect the stocks

  • You may now have your students explore stocks. They will begin by brainstorming companies and studying stocks to trade, all the while understanding basic concepts.
  • Teachers should use websites focused on stock research.

Make students learn how to participate.

  • Teachers must start with the core lesson, understanding the SMG in the classroom.
  • Let students understand their team portfolio pages.
  • You may also study the rules on the website of Economics Arkansas.

Login information

  • Students can now log in to their team portfolio using their IDs and passwords.
  • However, students can trade only until the first day of the simulation.
  • The team login IDs can be changed.
  • Teachers can permit the teams to make their own team nicknames.

Decide and trade

  • In this step, students can discuss their trading thoughts and start making their purchases.
  • Teachers should have their students journal every meeting.
  • After the students purchase, they may review their portfolios and rankings and brainstorm on more buys or sells.
  • If teachers have less classroom time, they can let the teams purchase not more than two stocks in the first meeting. After that, allow students to see their stocks or re-invest.
  • Portfolios have updated information every evening.’
  • Teachers can easily view the portfolios and ranking via the Teacher Support Center.

Learn by doing

  • Learning as you go along the game is one of its most significant characteristics.
  • Every week students receive an email with the title SMG Snippets. It has some things students should consider doing in the upcoming week.
  • Teachers can also use teachable moments to explain new topics and concepts.

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Wrapping up

The Stock Market Game makes students step into the real-world investing domain. They learn various concepts and become better at math, business, and economics. Moreover, it provides all the necessary resources to teachers and students to become effective investors.